Himalaya Trailrunning & Trekking Highlight - Start: 5356m  
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Event Guide

Travel to Nepal

Please tell us in advance your travel scedule (flight company, flight number, arrival date & time) so we can arrange airport transfer. Also bring 3-4 pass fotos for visa document and travel permit.

Race Headquarter Kathmandu
Everyone will be staying at the Hotel Shanker and the lobby will be our connecting point. All rooms are double occupancy unless other wise stated. Breakfast will be included with your room. Address of Hotel Shanker: Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Briefing Session
We will conduct a briefing session on the 17th of May at Hotel Shanker at 0830 hrs. You will receive a complete description of the Trekking and informations on the Race. Each runner will be provided a Race T-Shirt and a KIT BAG, which shall be taken to the Trek.

Medical Kits for the Trek

Our Sherpa Guide or leader will carry a complete medical kit. However, you should carry personal medication as prescribed by your doctor. General medication needed are Asprin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Anti-diarrhea pills, Anti Acid Tabs and Antiseptic Creams, Band Aids and some Cotton Wool & Bandages including Elastic Bandage.

Consult your Sherpa Team Leader before taking any pills during the trek

Do not take sleeping Pills while trekking, as it is dangerous to use on high altitudes. Clients are recommended to go through a medical check up prior to their trek departure.

Food on Trek

Food can vary from different camp and places according to its availability during the season and the Saturday market as well. Normally, the food menu that you will find during your trip has Nepali Dal Bhat (rice & lintel soup) with mild vegetable curry, fried rice, noodles, soups of great variation. In some places, Steaks, Continental foods like Hash Brown Potato, Breads, Pan Cakes, Boiled Vegetables, Stew, Pizza, Cinnamon rolls, cakes and pies etc. But, as you go higher the food menu is very limited due to the harsh cold weather and the altitude.

Drinking Water during the Trek

While on trek, we make sure that the clients get clean bacteria free water everyday. The water will be boiled and cooled for the Group member to drink and to rinse their mouth. Iodine can be used but it only kills the taste of the water. Purify tabs only works 40-50% in the Himalayan Water as it has strong mineral contents. So the best to drink while on the trek is boiled water.
Most of the days during May, the weather will be fine and pleasant with temperature of 10 - 20 degree Celsius and in the morning & night time the temperature might drop to - 5 to - 10 degree depending upon the altitude and the wind chill factor.

How much extra cash should I bring?

You will need to purchase bottled drinking water and extra meals while in Kathmandu. Also any snacks or other personal items in Kathmandu or during the trek. On the trek itself all meals and tented or teahouse lodging is included. When back in Lukla and finished trekking everyone will combine money toward tipping the staff. You must also count on spending some money while in transit to Nepal. It is suggested to bring a total of 500-600 USD. There is an ATM machine around Kathmandu and near the hotel that takes most major bank cash cards, or credit cards. You will receive your cash from the ATM machine in Nepali currency the Rupee.

Currency for the Trip

At present, 1 US $ = Rs. 70-72. Nepali Rupees denominations bills of Rs. 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 500 & 1000 are available. 100 paisa makes a rupee like dollars and cents. Coins are very seldom used. On trek try to carry bills of smaller denominations.

Tipping of Staff

Each person should plan to bring some rupees or US$ for tipping. It should be set aside for the end of the trek. You will be advised on how the tipping process / ceremony works. The tipping is already included in our suggestion of bringing 500-600 US$ extra cash.

Also if you have personal contact with a staff member and want to pass along an item of clothing that is acceptable.

Travel & Medical Emergency/Evacuation Insurance

Please purchase travel insurance that covers the following things. 

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Travel delay
  • Medical evacuation

Attitude & Intercultural Awareness
Everest Marathon is an exceptional experience. This race cannot be compared to Western-style City Marathons. It is a real International Adventure Program. If you stay flexible, relaxed, respectful and friendly with local Nepali people as well as international participants from all over the world, this event wiil be a life-lasting experience for you and maybe the best trip you have ever experienced.

Terms & Conditions