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VIP Programs

Private, custom-made, excellent

To be honest, all our clients are treated as VIPs. Every client is important to us.

But certain circumstances require sometimes special care, a distinct discretion, out of the ordinary conditions and/or intensive calm away from outside troubles. We offer especially for those requirements our VIP-tours.

VIP programs are custom-made designs for single persons, groups or teams.

  • Trailrunning- & trekking expeditions
  • (Outdoor-) seminars & events 
  • Sport psychology & mental coaching
  • relaxation, energy reload & personal change

Do you want to experience a fascinating running and trekking tour to the most beautiful and most spectacular trails of the earth for yourself or your team? Our VIP progams could be the right choise.

Do you want to enjoy an adventure travelling, but want to realize important changes and improvements? The VIP programs could accommodate your personal requirements.

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