Beyond your limits  
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The Training Camp for Trail- & Ultra Marathon Runners

and all who want to become one...

Our first Training Camp takes place from 16th to 21th september 2013 in Turkey. A more than beautiful scenery and exciting program are waiting for you...

Our training camp, led by sports psychologist Michele Ufer is unique in many ways. It offers you innovative expert content outside the mainstream, surprising training approaches and a beautiful location.

Highlights:Runner's High

  • mental training & running hypnosis
  • "train smart, not hard" approach
  • "biomechanic experiments"
  • highly enjoyable mikro expeditionen
  • "MiniMax"-equipments
  • Mountains, Beach & Barbecue
  • Coaching-on-the-Run

You could also call it "Next Level" Training Camp. Because it will take you to new horizons and bring your self-confidence to the next level. No matter which performance level you currently are.


It does not matter where you stand right now,
the only important thing is where you are going from now on.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Turkey!