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Self-Leadership & Flow Experience under Extreme Conditions

Peak Performance Psychology in Trail- & Ultra Marathon Running


An international sport psychological research project led by Michele Ufer,
in cooperation with Prof. O. Stoll from the Department of Sport Psychology,
Martin-Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg


Coping with extreme challenges is generally associated with specific personality traits and/or (mental) abilities. Thus one goal of this research is to analyze the influence of different motivations, training levels, psychological skills and personality traits on flow experience (runners high), performance and well-being under extreme conditions. The findings are supposed to help competitive as well as recreational athletes to improve their self-leadership and motivation. The overall goal is to develop a scientifically sound mental profile of successful extreme sport & ultra endurance athletes, to derive opportunity for comparison and individually appropriate psychological training strategies (and evaluate its effectivness). The research design follows an innovative approach, for the first time data is not only collected before and after, but also during competition.

Keywords :

Flow, runner's high, self-leadership, motivation, mental toughness, personality, performance, health, ultra marathon, trail running


Thsi project offers amazing opportunities for

  • Athletes who want to apply for an attractive sponsorship to start at exceptional stage races in Europe, Asia, America or Africa and at the same time get concrete advice to enhance (mental) performance.
  • Race-Directors who wantto offer their participants a brilliant added value and benefit from the media presence and reputation of the project.
  • Companies who want to expand brand visibility and image, boost sales or realize extreme product testing in the framework of this international project.
  • Media representatives who want to present in a unique way the themes of self-motivation, performance & health to their audience.