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Running HIGH

The Film

Part 1 - Running Adventure in the Himalayas

A unique story

Michele Ufer's running biography was like a white sheet of paper. In the beginning of 2011, this was about to change.
In an extreme self-test, the psychologist wanted to experience and demonstrate firsthand, how proper mental training can enhance the human body's perfomance. The outcome exceeded all expectations.
Having never completed a marathon, half-marathon, or even a 5km race, he participated in March of 2011 in a 250km race across the the driest desert on earth, the Atacama Crossing, after a systemical preparation of only 3 months.
He did finish, though. Ahead of many experienced and professional athletes on a sensational 7th place. A short time after, Michele Ufer was invited to run the Mount Everest marathon, his first real marathon ever. It's one of the toughest, but for sure the highest marathon in the world with the starting line at around 15000 feet. He finished as fastest german runner.
Michele Ufer will return in 2012 to Mount Everest to complete a triple marathon as part of his training for an even more extreme race. He's the first german athlete to be invited to the 3rd edition of an ultra distance run of 222km in the indian region of the Himalaya: THE HIGH
The film accompanies Ufer during his intense preparations and during the exceptional occurrences running these extreme races in the Himalaya.

Part 1 - Ojos del Salado & Aconcagua

Running on the very Top of America
The TEAM RUNNING ADVENTURE is designing a true breathtaking running expedition for 2012/2013. We plan to reach the summits of the highest peak outside of the Himalaya and the highest volcano of the earth.
Ojos del Salado Expedition
The starting point is at sea level at the Pacific coast of Chile. Our first target is the summit of the highest volcano on earth. The Ojos del Salado is located at the border to Argentina with a maximum height of 22.841 feet and is famous in climber's circles for it's extreme temperatures and strong winds.
To get there, we have to cross the Atacama desert first. It's the driest desert on earth, about 50 times dryer than the famous Death Valley in the USA, and features mutiple volcanoes surpassing the 20.000 feet mark. The running distance measures several hundred kilometers including reaching the summit. It's pure surrealism under your feet and a thriller in your head.
Aconcagua in 24h
The 22.841 feet high summit of the Aconcaqua will be next. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get there. Michele Ufer wants to realize the ascent and descent in form of a 24h running project.
You could call that extreme sports.

The film not only takes the viewer to impressive sceneries and places of incredible impact. Strategies and techniques are coming almost unnoticed to light, that -in a world of hectic and stress- lead to individual sources of energy. Try it yourself mental training, so to speak.