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Everest Marathon 2016

06.06.2016 00:27

What participants say about this year's Everest Marathon


The tour exceeded my expectations. In addition to the happiness of being with the right group, everything was very well organized. It was my first trip to Asia and this gave me some great insights into other lifestyles. I plan to return again in the Himalayas in the future. The marathon was probably by far the toughest run I've done so far. All in all it was an experience that I will never forget. Therefore, at this point again a thank you to Michele Ufer! With his relaxed manner and his background he is an ideal partner for this event! (Marcus Pein)


We definitely had a great time and arrived safely back home. So first: the camping group was a great team - a great atmosphere from the first meeting. With Lawang and Mindu we also had very good and cheerful guides. All in all a great collaboration. Tea and coffee served at our tent, Mount Everest and Ama Dablam views in the morning while looking out of the tent. No worries, Nepalis constantly looking after us. Food was plentiful, tasty and varied. Rain and snow only once at night, sunshine during the marathon start ... Would you love to hear something negative? The time has passed too quickly! It was really a very exciting and thrilling time, everything was great, very well organisied. And then the landscape and the Marathon. For us, it was an unforgettable time (Heike Maiwald & Wolfgang Funke)


I can only confirm the comments of Wolfgang and Heike. My particular admiration applies to the porters, the went up and down the mountains with more than 30 kg of luggage at least as elegant as the modern well equipped trekking folks  carrying a daypack only. We all made it safely to the finish and had an exhausting but also very, very good time. I decided to switch to half marathon in the last moment because I had an annoying colds and problems with the altitude. Excellent, that one can spontaneously and easily change the race distance! Everything went very well. (Martin Dirnfeldner)

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