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Partner of LYUM & RUNFIRE

02.11.2012 23:54

We are now official partner of Lycian Way Ultramarathon (LYUM) & Runfire Cappadocia (RFC)

Superbe landscapes, vivid history, wonderful people, perfect organization and a great challenge for your body, mind and soul make LYUM und RUNFIRE Cappadocia absolutely worth travelling to Turkey.

daten/content/LYUM-Titel.jpgLycian Way Ultramarathon
The Lycian Way is called one of the most beautiful long-distance trails in the world and is known for its tough mountain trails, awsome views of deep blue sea, lonely beaches and ths summits of Taurus mountains that go up to more than 3000m. You cross well preserved archeological sites and meet your limits where the first democracy was established.

daten/content/Runfire-Titel2.jpgRunfire Cappadocia
Mysterious subterranean cities built thousands of years ago, a spectacular landscape, rock formations that bring history to life and a mystical atmosphere transform this marathon a new adventure at each kilometer throughout this enchanted land.

The smell of earth in your nose, greeting the Three Beauties, passing through in vast shadow of Erciyes and running unchained along the never-ending whiteness of the Salt Lake... Being there... Challenging life at that place where all times interlace... This is a challenging route exceeding 200 kilometers in desert heat. Are you in?

You can start booking these wonderful running adventures from december on.

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